Nike Air Force 1 (AF1)

Nike Air Force 1 shoes, for when you want fly higher and go farther than ever before.

Once known simply as the “Nike Air Force,” the Air Force 1 (also referred to as AF1 or AF-1) is one of?Nike’s?most well-known and respected?sneaker styles.

Launched in 1982, the AF1 has been soaring ever since. It’s no wonder why; Nike Air Force 1 shoes have a reputation for an unbelievably comfortable fit, sky-high looks, and top-shelf performance.

Choose your color.

While the most popular AF1 styles are solid white and solid black, the Nike Air Force 1 is available in many different colors, allowing you to match your favorite shoes to your unique, personal tastes – an absolute must for any individual clever enough to know the importance of always looking his best.

Whether they’re your everyday sneaker or just another way to step-up your game on the court, the Nike AF1 gives you a chance to take your game to new heights. There’s really only one question to ask: Which Air Force 1 will you be wearing?

If you’re going to fly, fly first-class.

The Nike Air Force 1 is available in high-top, mid-top, and low-top styles, but the most dedicated sneakerheads almost always keep one of each. (Why choose when you can have it all?)

It’s well-known that the Nike Air Force 1 is a favorite among sneaker collectors and athletes around the world. That’s why, when you see a style you like, it never pays to wait – grab them ASAP or risk missing out on the perfect pair of shoes for you.

Looking for something similar to the Nike Air Force 1?

Branch out and try something new, with shoes that carry the same air of quality as the Air Force 1. If you dig the Nike AF1 sneaker, you might also like the?Nike Air Max,?Kobe, and?KD shoe styles. Each is coveted by even the most selective sneaker enthusiasts and athletes, so you won’t be disappointed.

It’s what we like to call a “win-win” situation.